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There are times when the weights, burdens and heaviness of life can be overwhelming. Whether you are facing issues in your body, mind, marriage, children, or need a means of provision, there is a hope and a peace that God gives which surpasses all understanding. When all else seemingly has failed, God can raise up a standard of peace that you can have assurance everything is going to be alright. The Word of God tells us to cast our burdens upon Him. Prayer is one of the ways our loving Heavenly Father allows us to communicate to Him.

If you would like for someone to pray over your concerns, please complete the prayer request form below and we will have a trained prayer partner intercede on your behalf. If you desire for someone to personally call and pray with you, we would be privileged to have a prayer partner contact you directly.

Our Commitment to your privacy: We will hold to the strictest levels of confidentiality of all prayer requests. Submitted prayer requests will only be shared with the leadership of True Gospel Christian Church in order that we may effectively address your request.

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